Benefits of Social Engineering

Benefits of Social Engineering Penetration testing (also known as pen-testing) is a consolidated way to ensure that a program or network is free from vulnerabilities. It answers the most significant questions in business owners minds: What harm could a hacker do to my software? What is the strength and weakness of my information security program? Social Engineering Penetration Testing is a part of the process in pen-testing. The need to implement social engineering tests on [...]

Potential Hurricane Harvey Phishing Scams

Potential Hurricane Harvey Phishing Scams With the disastrous event of Hurricane Harvey affecting the state of Texas, the Egis security team would like to remind everyone to remain vigilant for phishing email activity seeking to capitalize on interest in Hurricane Harvey. Please be cautious when handling any email with subject line, attachments, or hyperlinks related to Hurricane Harvey, even if it appears to originate from a trusted source. Fraudulent emails will often contain links or [...]