Benefits of Social Engineering

Benefits of Social Engineering Penetration testing (also known as pen-testing) is a consolidated way to ensure that a program or network is free from vulnerabilities. It answers the most significant questions in business owners minds: What harm could a hacker do to my software? What is the strength and weakness of my information security program? Social Engineering Penetration Testing is a part of the process in pen-testing. The need to implement social engineering tests on [...]
Equifax Data Breach

Equifax Breach: What can I do?

First things first; was your information compromised? Find out at Egis Cyber Solutions takes pride in protecting your company’s infrastructure to help ensure Data Leaks, like the recent Equifax Security Breach, do not affect your business. Here’s a small overview as to how we provide protection services to your organization:   First, we protect your business at the perimeter.  In today's “internet of things” Perimeter Protection for your company network is your first layer of [...]