Equifax Data Breach

First things first; was your information compromised? Find out at https://www.equifaxsecurity2017.com/potential-impact/

Egis Cyber Solutions takes pride in protecting your company’s infrastructure to help ensure Data Leaks, like the recent Equifax Security Breach, do not affect your business.

Here’s a small overview as to how we provide protection services to your organization:


First, we protect your business at the perimeter.  In today’s “internet of things” Perimeter Protection for your company network is your first layer of defense.  It’s where a breach enters into your environment.

Our Data Security Package includes Unified Threat Management, or UTM as a basis for all tiers of protection.  UTM means we’re scanning every bit of data that enters and leaves your network.  If it’s malicious, a possible breach, or not compliant with your company data sharing policy, we stop it in its tracks.


Second, your company also needs to adopt a proven Endpoint Security and Protection service.  It’s not as simple as installing Anti-Virus on your machine and calling it secure.  As a part of Egis’ Managed Services, we ensure the protection of your PC in a variety of ways.  We utilize Endpoint Anti-Virus, Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, and Data and Traffic Encryption as well as monitoring the systems event logs, performance counters, and running services to ensure you’re receiving the most comprehensive protection available.  In other words, if something is going on with an endpoint, our Security Operations Center is already on top of it.


Third, we’re making sure your infrastructure and files are backed up and ready for that dooms-day event that results in you needing a restore of your most critical data.  Like everyone, we hope that day never comes.  But, if it does, rest easy knowing we have it backed up and we’re handling getting you back up and running.


For larger companies (75+ endpoints), we recommend adopting a SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) system to monitor all traffic and event correlation from all network devices in your organization.  With a SIEM in place, we have a complete snapshot of all Traffic in and out of your organization.  We’re monitoring log files from endpoints, routers, switches, appliances, and servers to correlate data and determine if any risks are present within a network, in real time.

That’s just a few things we do here at Egis Cyber Solutions to ensure you, your company, your customers and the data you manage are safe and secure.  If you have any doubt that your current level of protection is not where it needs to be, we welcome you to reach out to our Sales Team right away and schedule your Free Assessment.

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